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100 Colors

A Fan Fiction Challenge Community

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Welcome! This community, like so many others, has been inspired by the fantastic fanfic100 community. The focus of this community is COLORS. You can use the prompts however you choose and more about that is explained below in the rules.

Please make sure that you read the rules before claiming anything, it'll save both of us a lot of headaches. ;)

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1. You can use the promts however you choose. They can be the main theme of the fic OR there can jsut be a passing mention of it in the fic. Colors are, after all, extremely hard to write themed fic on. You can also use the colors out of their context. For example, for the prompt "pumpkin" you can use the prompt as the FOOD "pumpkin" verses the color "pumpkin."

2. All fics must be properly rated. This comm accepts all ratings from G to NC-17. Just properly rate the fic.

3. All fics must be LJ cut, whether its 100 words or 100,000, PLEASE LJ CUT THE FIC!

4. Each fic must be at least 100 words. There's not maximum word count, but 100 words is the lowest accepted, unless it's a poem or a Haiku. Haiku's are generally less than 100 words, so that's the only acception to the word count rule.

5. You can claim just about anything you like. Real Person, Slash, Het, general series, couples, love traingles, etc. The only thing I'm not allowing is incest and beastly. For example: you can claim Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural but they're only alllowed to be portrayed as brothers or friends, no Wincest, period.

6. Only one person per claim please. You can, however, make a claim jointly with another person, just let me know when you're claiming that you're doing this as a team with someone else.

7. There is no limit to the amount of crossovers you can write in your claim. For example if you claim Stargate SG-1 and want to cross it over with Harry Potter 75 out of 100 times, go right ahead. HOWEVER, if you're only intreasted in writing SG-1/Harry Potter crossovers, please claim a crossover, not a general series for one or other.

8. You can write as many AU's as you want.

9. If you claim a character that character must appear in the fic; if you claim a couple then at least one person must be at the center of the fic at the other one needs to at least be mentioned. You can claim up to three people.

10. You can also claim groups, eras, or places. For example, you can claim "The Founders" from Harry Potter. For example, you can claim "The Marauder's Era" from Harry Potter. And thirdly (for example) you can claim "Naboo" from Star Wars or "Endor" from Star Wars.

11. You can claim up to three things, but they all must be from different fandoms, unless you're doing a crossover claim. For exmaple you can claim: Star Wars General Series; Stargate Atlantis John/Teyla; and Pretender General Series/Angel General Seris Crossover.

12. There is no deadline but if you feel you cannot finish your claim please let me know so that I can open it up for someone else.

13. If there are spoilers for ANYTHING please make a not of that in your Author's Notes Section.

How to go about making a claim:

Step 1. First, check here to make sure that your claim is available. If it is not, you can be waitlisted for it and work on a different claim while you are waiting for that one to open up.

Step 2. Grab your table of prompts from here and post it in your livejournal/fanfic journal so that you can keep track of your progress.

Step 3. Make your claim here and please wait for an approval before you start posting fic. You can write all you want but please wait to post in the comm until you've been accepted. I check my e-mail everyday so you shouldn't have a very long wait time, if for any reason it's been over a week and you still have not heard from me, please drop your claim through again, I may have missed it. Please post your fic in the following format:

It need not be in that exact format, so long as we still get all the information. Also, please use a subject when you post.

Step 4: When you are finished you can drop me a line here and you'll recieve a shiny new banner for your efforts!

Step 5: If you must drop your claim we'll be sorry to see you go but you can let me know by dropping me a line at this post.

If you have any additonal questions you can drop me a line at the FAQs thread and I'll try to answer your questions A.S.A.P.

All I ask is that you DO NOT post any quetions at my personal live journal. If it's something that absolutly, positively, cannot wait than you can e-mail be at webmiss88@yahoo.com, but just to give you fair warning my spam guard is on. The best way to get a hold of me is to post at the thread mentioned above. Thanks so much!

At last but not least HAVE FUN!!!!!


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If you have any questions regarding this, please e-mail me at webmiss88@yahoo.com

As of July 26, 2007 (due to a recent incident of spamming) membership has been changed from open to moderated. Also as of July 26, 2007 (due to a complaint from one of our members at approximately 1:00 A.M. EST) anonymous posts are no longer aloud. I had an disagreement with another member of the livejournal community and this person (who shall remain anonymous... no pun intended) chose to take it out on one of our members. To keep the peace all persons must logged in to review fic.